“Charmaine is a great gift to the world of life coaching. She helped me tap into deep reservoirs of personal strength and resilience. 

A woman of great power, love, and compassion, Charmaine was an ideal guide along the path of recognizing my true essence and potential. Anyone who has a chance to work with her should jump at the opportunity. I will always be grateful for our time together. It was  a game changer for me!” - Cece B.

“Charmaine is an incredibly talented and natural coach, who truly helps guide you through your journey. She helped me realize my passions and strengths, and I felt like she could see the real me. We journeyed through several months of amazing work and I consider her a true champion for my cause. Thanks Charmaine, you are an angel.” - Rudy S.

“Charmaine guided me threw layers of things, life experiences, and stuff that wasn’t me. As we weeded through my goals and challenges, we arrived at my truth. There waiting for me was my full potential and endless wonderful possibilities. Thank you so much, Charmaine! I highly recommend working with Charmaine and I know you you will come out of the process being a better version of yourself!” -Karanas Z.